Your Power Within

Without a doubt, the greatest asset that each individual has is the power within to become the best person that he or she can be.  That internal power we call “Intra-Power (Haynes and Kirwan, 2011). Intra-Power has four key elements: Control, Awareness, Resilence and Empathy.  We call these the Intra-Power CARE elements. In our work with clients, we share insights on how to fully develop and  exercise the four elements of CARE:

Control: Better manage your interrnal feelings, emotions, impulses and compulsions, and  more positively influence  events in your external environment.

Awareness: become more fully in tune with or mindful of your internal and external environments and behave and respond appropriately and effectively when interacting with others, in situations and to events.

 Resilence: Nurture your ability to face challenges, learn from your mistakes or even your failures and act in ways that would lead you to succeed in the future,

Empathy: Enhance your capacity to place yourself in other people’s psychological or emotional spaces and to see things from their perspectives so that your interactions are balanced, fair, helpful, empowering and rewarding to others and to you.

Remember that you, in many ways, are your greatest resource and that you have the basic tools you need to change your own life. Often, it is knowing how to access these internal tools or assets, and how to gain the Intra-Power needed to be happy and successful that requires guidance and support.. We at EPS provide the required guidance and support that you may need. Please feel free to contact us at (203) 909-6194 or at We also look forward to your response to this blog posting.

In future postings, we will explore how to operationalize each of the Intra-Power CARE elements in various aspects of your life.

With Warm Regards,

EPS Staff

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